DIY Kits

Where are you located?

We are located in Houston, Texas 70007 and all orders are shipped from there :)

Shipping hours

We are open for business 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily

How fast do you ship?

Most orders are currently being processed within 1-2 business days, however, please allow up to 3 business days for processing times. The orders are shipped 5 days a week Monday through Friday. We ship USPS First Class Mail (2-5 day service).

What's included in your DIY Kit?

Every standard kit includes an assorted selection of balloons; a manual balloon pump, a few clear 260Q balloons for tying (depends on the garland size you chose) and an instruction card.

Every "Balloons Only" kit, then the kit will include an assorted selection of balloons, a few clear 260Q balloons for tying (depends on the garland size you chose) and an instruction card

Can I pick up a DIY kit locally?

Unfortunately as of now we do not offer local pick up!

Where can I find the tutorial for my DIY kit?

Please scan the QR code on the Thank you card included with your order or type in the link from there into your browser!

What sizes of balloons are included in my kit?

All kits include a various selection of 19", 11" and 5" balloons. Please note that not every color included comes in all sizes!

How many balloons are included in each kit?

  • Sample Kits include 2 balloons of each color
  • Kits for 4-6 ft include about 60 balloons
  • Kits for 8-10 ft include about 85-90 balloons
  • Kits for 12-16 ft include about 140-150 balloons

Balloon Troubleshooting

Command hooks don't stick to the wall!

That's totally normal. Please note that command hooks only stick to smooth flat surface. They might not work on wallpaper, walls with chalk paint and even slightly texturized walls. Please try placing a few pieces of painters tape to help the hooks stick or use tumbtacks.

Some balloons have blemishes and striky colors!

Due to the process of making and dying balloons these are perfectly normal and you'll see them occasionally! Both of these effects are perfectly normal and don't affect the balloon quality!

Some of my balloons popped!

Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately balloons are still balloons and sometimes they pop upon infation or within a few minutes of inflation due to micro holes that we cannot see!

Balloons are turning matte outside and loose shine!

Unfortunately this will always happen to the balloons due to the effect of light and heat! Please use a balloon shining solution to keep the balloons glossy!

Can I display balloons under direct sunlight?

We do not recomend placing the balloons under the direct sunlight. There's a great chance that balloons will start popping very soon, especially the darker colors!

We recommend placing the balloons in a shaded area away from any direct sunlight!

If your event is outdoors and doesn't have any shade, we suggest putting the balloons outside right befre the event starts so it lasts through the party!

Why my balloons are not round?

That's a sign of overinflating your balloons. Please release some air from a balloon to make it more round!